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Email Address of Haridwar Officials


Sl.No. Name of Officer E-mail Address
1. District Magistrate dm-har-ua@nic.in
2. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) ssp-har-ua@nic.in
3. Chief Development Officer (CDO) cdo-har-ua@nic.in
4. Chief Medical Officer (CMO) cmo-har-ua@nic.in
5. District Development Officer (DDO) ddo-har-uk@nic.in
6. Project Director, DRDA pd-har-ua@nic.in
7. National Informatics Centre (NIC) uahar@nic.in
8. Sr. Treasury Officer, Haridwar treas-har-ua@nic.in
9. Treasury Officer, Roorkee treas-roo-ua@nic.in
10. District Economics & Statistical Officer (DEStO) dsto-har-ua@nic.in
11. District Excise Officer dxo-har-uk@nic.in
12. District Supply Officer dso-har-uk@nic.in
13. District Police Control Room dcr-har-ua@nic.in
14. Exam Controller, Uttarakhand Public Service Commission ec-psc-ua@nic.in